Choosing a restaurant for your wedding reception

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer is the opportunity to capture the style and expression of each unique wedding. By this, I mean the type of wedding experience a couple creates for their day, something determined by a number of factors: the decor; the colours of dresses; type of flowers; even the invitations to annouce the theme! I could go on. The venue, however, is the factor that gives the day most of its shape.

Choosing unique weddings venues

The venue is often an expression of the couple’s journey together, so far. It can also be a fitting reflection of their preferred setting in life. A grand ballroom in a city hotel is, of course, a very different reflection of preference than a country barn or a medieval castle.

Photographing the details of a wedding venue

I love all the venues I photograph because they are the spine of the wedding book; their unique look – often enhanced by the wedding decor- allows the wedding story to unfold. And that’s why I always photograph the details at a venue: the chandeliers or victorian lamps; the wooden beams or stone walls; the mirrored art deco walls. Just a few examples. These are the little details that allow the big story of the day to come together in an album!

Weddings at Portsmouth Registry and Wellington Portsmouth

Recently, I have photographed some lovely weddings near to the beaches of Old Portsmouth, fondly known in our area as The Hot Walls. Extremely hot walls they have been too throughout this glorious summer!.

These were smaller weddings with approximately 60 guests and both took place in the beautiful Portsmouth Registry Office first, followed by a reception in a quirky red-roomed restaurant called the Wellington .

It had been a while since I had captured a smaller venue and I loved it – just as much as the larger ones. And why? Because they were both so wonderfully reflective of the couple!

Both brides have since commented on how much fun the guests had on their day. Everyone enjoyed cocktails and special gin and tonics in the garden before being served a gastro pub three-course meal that allowed for delicious dietary alternatives. Even pescetarians like me! Thank you Mario!

Finding Wedding Photography Locations Near A Smaller or City Venue

So if you are thinking of hiring a restaurant or country pub for your wedding reception there are some fantastic ones to choose from in Portsmouth, and all around Hampshire. I have lots of recommendations,for both large and smaller weddings, some with gardens, or near beaches or even with rooftops. You don’t need to worry about not getting the special wedding photographs for you day either because we can plan locations nearby on your pre-wedding shoot. There are always options, inside rooms and outdoors. You just need to know where to look for them!

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Wellington Restaurant, Old Portsmouth

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