Rhinefield House

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It has been a wonderful long summer of weddings and the wedding season certainly has not finished for us with some lovely September and October weddings to look forward to. Admittedly, between shooting, editing, album desiging and our portrait work as well as other social media updates this blog has been neglected recently but better late than never so here are highlights to follow.
April was a lovely month for weddings and one highlight was capturing the wonderful Jen and Nigel as they said their wedding vows at Rhinefield House Hotel in The New Forest. The drive up to this stunning hotel is one of the most impressive we have seen and the interior and exterior grounds do not disappoint either.
When Nigel came to collect their wedding album a couple of months after their wedding, we did have a giggle together as we browsed through the pages and he pointed to a photo of wiping away a tear after seeing his lovely bride walk down the aisle. Apparently, as Jen looked at him at this poignant and highly emotional moment she said, “Man up princess”. Priceless!








Image showing bride and groom kissing at Rhinefield House Hotel

Sunset wedding photography Southsea

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A special moment for Sarah and Sam on the steps of the beautiful @ Royal Marines Museum. It may have been a cold February winter wedding but what a lovely sunset in sunny Southsea.



Christmas Winter Wedding at The Royal Marines Museum

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Loved capturing this beautiful Christmas wedding of Emma and Ashley at The Royal Marines Museum. This was a such a special day full of excited children and a beautiful poem written and read out during the ceremony by their son Jack. Here are a couple of my favourites when the couple bravely stepped out on to the balcony in the December cold for their couple photographs.





Bridal Portrait before the ceremony- Wedding Photography Portsmouth

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Waiting for the registrar to arrive for the pre wedding interview, always a nervous moment and a great time to distract the bride….and also get some lovely bridal portraits.sarachris-85


Christmas Family Portraits

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A fantastic November and December for outdoor family portraits on the beach in Southsea. Just posted off the last of the prints and cds today to be delivered and placed under the Christmas trees in many family homes. Merry christmas everyone!









Wedding to Bump to Newborn Photo Shoot- A Growing Relationship

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This year more than any other I have enjoyed the benefits both professionally and personally of being in such a personal service provider business which is the nature of wedding and portrait photography. The biggest part of this is that once a wedding album has been handed over, the relationship with a couple invariably will not end there which is so lovely. I have photographed four pregnancy shoots this year with couples who already knew me as their trusted wedding photographer. I have also been asked to return to photograph family birthday events, christenings and retirement celebrations. Most recently, I was delighted to go up to Winchester to meet Jen and Nick’s newborn baby, Freddie. Jem and Nick got married in Norton Park Hotel in Sutton Scotney, Winchester in 2012 and Julian and I were there from the bridal prep to the first dance to capture their special day.
This August we got together again to take some lovely sunset photographs on Southsea Beach of Jem at the end of her pregnancy. So as soon as I was invited we arranged a date to capture the new parents with their gorgeous baby boy.



jemnick-398 bw

jemnick-582 bw
jemnickpregnancy 145

jemnickpregnancy 023

jemnickpregnancy 094

jemnickpregnancy 098

jemnickpregnancy 104

jemnickpregnancy 113 bw

jemnickpregnancy 125 bw

jemnickpregnancy 131

freddiemartell 023

freddiemartell 033

freddiemartell 059

freddiemartell 119 bw

freddiemartell 126

freddiemartell 155

freddiemartell 193

HMS Warrior-feature for new wedding album range

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Just designing a beautiful new sample album to add to my ever growing wedding album portfolio. Couldn’t resist the beautiful new Young Book album from Graphi Studio Albums. Always tricky to choose a wedding to feature but decided to focus on one the gems of the Portsmouth area where I live…HMS Warrior. Such a unique venue and Julian and I love photographing weddings there.








Wedding Photographer- The hardest or best job in the world?

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I loved reading this article with its insight into the life of a wedding photographer. I always say you need to be a real people person to enjoy this job. I would never suit being a landscape photographer for example but I can honestly say I feel privileged every time I am invited to capture a wedding day, a pregnancy in its final stages, a newborn baby’s first photo shoot or a family celebration. It is a daily reminder of people enjoying being in love with their partner or baby or family member. What’s not to love about that?

The beauty of a pre wedding shoot on the beach!

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I love variety in photography and seeking out new locations and venues and of course in the models themselves – whether they are bride and grooms, expectant mothers, excited toddlers or even much loved pets. However, at this time of year I find that when I am planning my pre wedding shoots I am consistently drawn towards my old and trusted favourite friend…..the beach. Fortunately, living in Portsmouth, I not only have access to lovely pebbled beaches with slimy rich green seaweed walls but also the nooks and crannnies of the old tower and castles along the historic seafront.
The soft and flattering light provided by the arches and the shelter from harsh sunshine and coastal winds further justifies my reluctance to move too far away from such a reliable and beautiful source for portrait and pre wedding shoots.
Just leaves me more opportunity to concentrate on having fun with the children I am photographing or the nervous bride or groom who hate having their photo taken. So, if you see any crazy dancing going on around this area by a gal with two cameras strapped around her neck….strong chance it is me!
Happy Summer everyone.x












Outdoor Wedding at Netley Abbey

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I absolutely loved capturing this outdoor wedding at Netley Abbey and the grounds of Victoria Country Park in Southampton. I think the photos hopefully will say it all – what a stunning setting and what a way to make an entrance! Love it!
beth and josh-11

beth and josh-40

beth and josh-42

beth and josh-52

beth and josh-62

beth and josh-102

beth and josh-130

beth and josh-166

beth and josh-179

beth and josh-191

beth and josh-200

beth and josh-209

beth and josh-218

beth and josh-226

beth and josh-239

beth and josh-250

beth and josh-298

beth and josh-299

beth and josh-366

beth and josh-420

beth and josh-426

beth and josh-433

beth and josh-441

beth and josh-459

beth and josh-471

beth and josh-473